Below is a list of our most common requests. These are just some of our service offerings. Some can be done remotely but others need a hands-on approach.

Virus/Malware Removal

Do you have a program telling you you've got hundreds of viruses and all you have to do to clean them is send them money? Maybe annoying pop-ups are disturbing your web browsing. Or perhaps whenever you use a search engine, your search results are redirected to a page that seemingly has nothing to do with what you searched for? Are your browsers constantly locking up or are you receiving email bounces saying messages could not be delivered when you never sent them in the first place?

There's a good chance you have an infection on your machine and the longer you let it go, the worse it can get. Contact us so we can help you!       

Tutorials and Training

Learning new programs or ways to communicate on the computer can be difficult since things are ALWAYS changing. If you constantly struggle through attaching files to emails or simply don't understand how to operate your computer's built in camera, let us know and we can most definitely help you out! If it's something we can automate, then we can make it even simpler for you!       

Honest, reliable computer geeks you can finally trust.
We pride ourselves on elating and empowering our customers.


Tablets and Smartphones
New  devices are becoming more and more powerful and seemingly more complex. Let us simplify them for you and make them as easy to use as we can your computer!        

Data Recovery

Computer crashes are terrible realities in this world but all is not lost just because you can't see your data anymore. Contact us today and we'll do whatever we can to recover your data completely and make sure you're set up with backups so you never have to worry again.       

Local and Remote Backup Solutions

Your data is important to you and there's nothing like losing that data due to a drive crash, power surge, or an inexplicable infestation of computer hating sand crabs. Because of this, it's ever so important to have all your data backed up and we know the RIGHT ways to do it. Many programs claim to backup all your important data but how do they know what's important and whats not? Let us write a custom backup script for you to a local backup drive or even to the cloud. Experience the piece of mind knowing that everything is safe no matter what happens at any time. And also have the added convenience to start a backup right from your desktop or check to make sure that important files are indeed duplicated elsewhere.          

Performance Tuning

One of the things we hear most is, "My computer is soo slow!" and more often than not, it's not because it's old. Installing most programs on your machine is harmless enough but if you're not careful, you'll end up getting a lot more than you bargained for. These are called 'wrapped programs' because the program you want (for example, a Java update) isn't alone. All of the sudden you can have multiple antivirus programs all fighting for dominance or pesky toolbars clogging up your browser. These are not necessarily malware but you certainly  don't need them and they just slow you down. Give us a call today and we can make your machine run just as it did the day you got it if not better.       

Endless  Technical  Support

Website Builds

Want to put yourself or your business out there for the world to see?

We can help. Ask us about what we can do to help you or your business get some exposure. Or if you're simply looking for someone to maintain frequent updates for your site, we can do that too.